Friday, March 13, 2009

U-M Toasts New Building With Pomp, Condescension

Real estate magnate Stephen M. Ross comes in on his private jet, tells us that our real estate market is dismal, then does a grip and grin for a $145 million building on a university that has a balance of $76 million in its endowment fund. Yes, Ross donated part of the money, and he succeeded on his business savvy, which we applaud. But the vision here is unsettling; the condescending comment, the big state building. He's bullish, though, on Michigan as he overlooks the massive spending at U-M and the tuition hikes, aka, the greed of academe. U-M President Mary Sue Coleman carries a base salary of $553,500.
"...Ross said the Ross School of Business is positioned to gain credibility as people turn to "Midwest values" to solve the financial crisis, which he attributed to "greed" and people "not seeing the handwriting on the wall."
We have included the 2006 tax form for UM’s alumni association. Money flows quite well at the top of the government heap, no?
U-M Alumni Account

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