Thursday, March 12, 2009

Florida Guv Apes Michigan's Failed Policy of Accelerated Public Spending

Reading this story in the Wall Street Journal of bringing more New Deal-type policies into play only on a local level contains this:
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist expects to create 39,000 jobs by speeding up the timetable on public-works projects.
Here in Michigan, we’ve seen how effective this notion of “speeding up” is. Recall the state of the state address from Gov. Granholm in 2005, when she announced:
"But, people need jobs today, as well. They can't wait either. So, tonight, I am announcing a Jobs Today Initiative that will create 36,000 jobs in the next three years by fast-forwarding $800 million worth of state infrastructure improvement projects, creating new tools to spark city development, and giving school districts a new way to upgrade their buildings without raising taxes. Rather than waiting years to complete this work, this initiative will get these projects moving this construction season.We will speed up the repair of roads and bridges."
How has that worked? Well, Michigan tops the nation in unemployment, and most construction has ground to a halt. We are among the poorest of states and as for our roads, help yourself. In short, the Jobs Today Initiative did nothing to help this state. Someone give Crist a call, because it's apparent someone in Tallahassee is not doing their homework.

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