Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Traverse City School Leaders Negotiate with Union in the Dark

School administrators in Traverse City refuse to discuss the issues that are holding up a contract with teachers, again tromping on the rights of the people to know.
Taxpayers pay for the district's salaries and benefits, which make up more than 86 percent of [the Traverse City Area Public School district's] general fund expenses.
It is a pathetic bit of darkness that shows the lack of respect that public school officials have for their customers. Refusing to inform those customers of the issues should send these parents looking for an alternative. Are there raises on the table?
James Feil, the superintendent, of the school district, claims in a message on the district Web site:
We invite you to become fully involved in the educational journey of your student and our community’s youth – as a parent, volunteer, mentor, booster, and community supporter of our public schools.
Involved as long as you don't want to know too much, apparently. This is disingenuous at best.
Here is a list of the phone numbers of the school board. They should be called and asked for negotiation information.
It’s also hard to stomach this comment from Don Hakala, who is with the local MEA chapter.
"We're trying to bargain, and we're trying to get a fair and equitable contract."

If it were actually fair and equitable, we are sure that Hakala, who is paid $136,587 a year, would want us to know what it is. As would the Traverse City school administrators.
Here is a list of MEA salaries, just for future reference.
MEA Salaries

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