Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Driver Tax Proposed for Elimination

Michigan is one of the few states to impose a “bad driver tax,” which adds more fines to those already imposed for a traffic violation. This scofflaw assessment was made law in 2003 (sb509) and permits a levy of $100 annually to drivers who have accumulated seven or more points in a two-year period, to be paid every year that total remains over seven points.
Higher fees are handed down for more serious infractions like drunk driving or fleeing police. Also, drivers who leave their proof of insurance at home are taxed $300, in addition to any local penalty. The vote was 67-43 in the Senate, with 70% of Democrats voting for and 53% of Republicans saying yea. The stated reason for the tax? To close a gap between state spending and expected revenue. We are joined by New York, New Jersey and Texas in this type of tax.
This week, State Sen. John Gleason from Genesee County introduced legislation
that would end this tax on Oct. 1. We thank you for attempting to end the madness that this tax represents.

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