Monday, March 2, 2009

List of Those Who Are Holding Hand Out for Stimulus $$

Now we’ve got it – a government provided site to tell us just how the Stimulus Bill will provide for us and how that money is being spent.
I decided to poke around on the 1,238-page request list and see just who wants what from the Fed giveaway. Some stunning stuff. For example, at Wayne Gray Elementary in the Addison Community Schools district, $3,500 is needed to replace the partitions in the boy’s bathroom. OK, maybe. But the start date is listed as June 8. The completion date? September 1. It’s going to take three months to do a job that should take three hours. I might add that the city of Alma is seeking $860,000 to reconstruct a half-mile of road. That, too, will take three months. Perhaps this is the bigger problem, this snail’s pace that government likes to toil at. Lapeer Community Schools also put its hand out for $13 million to “install geothermal heating and cooling system; replace existing windows, building remodeling to accommodate geothermal…” I guess if we are going to get the dough to install geothermal, we might as well remodel the building to accommodate it, eh?
In fact, let’s look at Lapeer Community Schools. With 7,337 students, it spends $22 million a year on 354 teacher salaries and benefits. Yet somehow it feels that shelling out $13 million on geothermal heating is a suitable way to spend money.
We’re also fond of Insight Management and Consulting Practices which asked for a staggering $84.5 million. The group was incorporated in March 2008 by Tarik Hafeez, a Canton lawyer who is part of a group called LegalEase Solutions . Insight is located in Flint. Its request covers the cost of a nursing home, a high school, a neuro rehab unit (we presume the high school will prepare this unit’s team) and a study of scar tissue. This is a company with no apparent claim to credibility nor does it appear to be able to keep its Web site up to date. Sure, let’s hand them $84.5 million.
One more thing: the Ingham County Health Department received money that it didn’t even have to ask for. Nice work if you can get it.
Michigan Welfare From Stimulus

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