Monday, March 16, 2009

New Plan: Put All School Employees Under Gvt-Run Health Care

A new proposal on state tax, employee and pay reform has merit across the board, provided someone can protect it all the way to law. The plan, hatched by the Commission on Government Efficiency, a business-friendly panel created in 2007, has some strong points, including:
* Considering a requirement that all active school employees be placed in a state-run health care plan;
* Performing a study of compensation levels to analyze how state employees are paid relative to private sector and public sector employees in other states;
* Re-establishing a sentencing guidelines commission and reducing correctional officers' overtime and prisoner health care costs.
All are common sense measures. Will someone finally step up and push this? Who has that courage?
We'll take a look at this panel later. It has all the makings of a free market advocacy powerhouse. Can anyone hear it, though. Check out the minutes from its last meeting.
Committee Gvt Reform Minutes

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