Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who Is Writing the Inane Press Releases For the Governor?

I read this one today and cannot figure out how this stuff passes for information. The gist is the spending of $2 billion in taxpayer money on things that are somehow deemed worthy. Whether they have merit or not is worth discussing, but more than anything, it’s insulting to issue such a statement. For example, among the money allocated is “$900 million for public education in Michigan, including services to at-risk students, students with disabilities, and homeless students…”
This would be news if that $900 million excluded services to “at-risk students, students with disabilities, and homeless students.” Does the governor think the public is that stupid? A statehouse reporter could call the gov’s office and ask why this is noted.
More money is set aside for what?: “$190 million for community-based service programs and food assistance to help citizens who are being directly impacted by the struggling economy…” OK, good idea. What service programs are going to get the money? What is food assistance? Is that food?
How about “$48 million for public safety programs, including efforts to protect children from internet predators and provide services to crime victims…” This implies that we are not providing services to crime victims and that we are not protecting children from internet predators. That’s pretty big news. But can’t a reporter call and get some specifics? What kind of services? How are we going to protect children from internet predators?
Since 1976, Michigan has provided financial compensation to crime victims with a lawful limit of $15,000. In fact, the entire array of services to crime victims is subject to law. Is there something, some way, that Michigan has been derelict in handling this?
At the Web site of the Crime Victim Foundation, a quote from Gov. Granholm is bannered: "From time to time, I see a victim, who, by no fault of his or her own, is placed in a desperate situation with no place to turn; the Foundation responds to that victim."
The Crime Victim Foundation’s tax returns are not available online so we can’t tell how much public funding it already receives.
And I am fully in favor of helping crime victims in whatever fashion we can; these are folks who are often already impoverished and our blessed humanity gives us the love for our fellow man to assist in any way we can. Churches, social groups, and other community efforts are truly needed.
But this unchecked spending of billions of dollars goes on without question and inane press releases such as this continue to be issued. And they will as long as the media obediently chews its cud.

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