Sunday, April 5, 2009

Media and Friends Seek a Welfare State for Michigan

This is a classic case of the media leading the charge to lean on big government in order to right a ship. And why Michigan leads the nation in unemployment, among many other things. The idea that the White House needs to bail the state out is standard silver-spoon ranting that will only hurt Michigan in the long run. As we know, lower taxes, remove the bureaucratic barriers that hamper small businesses and spend tax money on quality of life things like decent roads and sensible development. Instead, the media and state government screams unashamedly for more welfare.
This is a mindset that is sure to bring continued disarray and harm to the people.
And then there are the true crazies who are caught up in this “we are the world” sentiment. Two Michigan lawmakers want to raise the state income tax from 4.35 percent to 5.5 to pay for someone else’s kids to go to what we presume are already public school. Which we already pay for. Brilliant.

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