Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Michigan Forks Over Grant $$ to Builder Who Was Once Fined By the State

The state of Michigan has announced awards to five esteemed builders to build
energy efficient homes. A $5,000 stipend goes to these companies, and how proud they must be to have grabbed your money from among the hundreds of construction firms that could do the work. But one of the recipients, MJC Builders of Troy, based in Macomb County, has had some problems in the past. Not just from unsatisfied customers. But also from the…state, the very same that just handed them your money.
In 2000, MJC was fined $500 for refusing to respond to a filed complaint.
Now we know that there are all kinds of things behind such actions, including a grumpy client. We also see the head of MJC, Michael Chirco, is a diligent contributor to campaigns and PACs, including the Building Industry Association and a number of judges in his native Macomb County. The latter can be explained perhaps by the fact that he has been a party – a plaintiff – in 8 separate cases in Macomb since 1997, primarily him suing other developers. There are also some complaints out there.
But we are not giving them any validity. MJC might be a fine example of responsible building. We’re sure they are green green green. Are apartment complexes green? Because the City of Taylor, Michigan settled a lawsuit against MJC late last year over its plans to build a series of plexes around town. But out of the vast number of constructions outfits looking for work in Michigan, wouldn’t a little due diligence be in order when handing out favors? Perhaps that $5,000 will ease the sting of that $500 fine.

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