Monday, April 27, 2009

Drink, Drank Drunk Driver - 12 Time DUI Offender in MIchigan

For the 12th time, a man from Caro was arrested for drunk driving. This man, Jimmie R. Rogers Jr., has spent time in prison for his disregard for our laws. But what does this say about how serious we are about the often-dubious offense?
We have seen lives wrecked by the state’s onerous drunk driving laws, both on the victim side as well as the offender side. There are numerous people who have had a couple of drinks and gotten nailed with fines that far exceed the danger they presented to the public. Drunk driving on the law enforcement side is a revenue instrument, seen by officials as a cash cow. The fee to reinstate a license was more than doubled in 1992 from $60 to $125.
A sharp Michigan lawyer’s site tells us more about this issue.
And given the nature of the income potential, why wouldn’t the state want to extend bar time? Does this mean that these officials care more about revenue than they do about the safety of the public from those viscious drunk drivers? Or does it mean that the crime is not as serious as everyone thinks, since there exists a willingness to put more potentially drunk(er) drivers on the road?
The point is that no one is really serious about taking drunk drivers off the road when stated mission conflicts so apparently with the revenue potential. Drunk drivers are bad news, no doubt, but if they were as serious an element as such groups as MADD would tell us, why wouldn't someone like Jimmy Rogers Jr. be locked up forever

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