Monday, May 25, 2009

We Support Granholm for SCOTUS

We’re out of town for the week and most likely won’t be putting a whole lot up. But this little look at the sad, sad Republicans and their hope to somehow thwart Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s vault to the nation’s highest court is interesting. Doubtful she’ll make the cut; Her record of running this state into the dirt is much too obvious, and we’d guess Obama wants to appear open to her just for the political statement. But with such a poor track record as a politician, we don’t think Granholm is actually taken seriously in most places in the U.S.
We do think that a nice soft spot on the court would keep her away from places where she would pose a much more dangerous threat. That justice selection is going to a liberal voice no matter what, and that's where it should go. And Granholm, if she could get the nod, can continue her record of inadequacy and drama in a place much more suited to such, Washington D.C.

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  1. In less than 2 years, Gov. Granholm will leave office. Why put her in a place where she can affect Michigan for the rest of her life? I would much prefer to have her here so that we voters can be reminded everyday during the election season of the Granholm/Cherry record.