Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rep. John Conyers: A Portrait in Spending

Would you donate to a politician who uses that money for Super Bowl tickets, $13,000 on limo services, or a stay at the W Hotel in Los Angeles?
Many people would, and it allows Rep. John Conyers to travel and entertain in a fashion many of his constituents cannot. And we know the 22-term Conyers is not alone in his spendy ways. But he is the most prolific spender among his peers, according to recently released campaign documents.
Donors include Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, Mitch Bainwol, chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, Kevin Kelleher, chief financial officer at Sony/BMG and the usual cadre of lawyers and special interests.
We might add that a stay at the Westwood/LA W at the government rate comes in at a reasonable $128, and it's a fine place. BTW, given that government employees have more money than a good chunk of working America, isn't it time to amend that little discount and make it available to actual work crews or in some other fashion? Just thinking that the hotel lobby might want to check in and see what could be done.
The News does a good job on this Conyers story, and we can only help it along by posting the Conyers filing below.
Conyers for Congress Filing

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  1. MRS. Conyers needs to travel in style. Nothing but the best.