Monday, May 11, 2009

Here's the Executive Order for Budget - Lists All Cuts by Item

We have the full detail of the state's budget cuts in terms of departmental impact and it looks pretty good.
There are some key cuts, although we see that again, some of the usual groups including unions and other special interests came away in fair shape. The executive office was hacked by $197, 200 while $9.5 million in day care funding at the Department of Human Services was cut. Education took a measly $363,500 hit, while the Department of Education gave up $3 million. Department of Civil Rights is out $655,800 but the Attorney General’s office is down $1.7 million. And we’re still not sure where the outcry over the cut in AIDS education is. But there is it, $540,400 hacked from the AIDS risk reduction clearinghouse and media campaign.
We’re a little amused at how the media always runs to the services that are cut and we hear how many people will suffer without the good hand of the big government to help them. But things work out remarkably well even after cuts are made. Which really leads to a conclusion that a government, like a household, can run on less when needed.
Budget Cuts Exec Order

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