Sunday, June 7, 2009

Regional Hospital Exec Pay Jumps Over 50 % Amidst Layoffs, Cutbacks

Some excellent investigative reporting by a reporter at the Jackson Citizen Patriot finds that CEO salaries at area hospitals rose 52 percent over the past five years.
The revelation should irritate hospital workers who face pay freezes, as well as layoffs . And let's not forget about that all-time favorite, buyouts.
Such excesses and disregard of employees give an opening to union groups, who almost look like a face of common sense when taken in context.
This excellent work, by a guy named Brad Flory, also comes with a supporting blog entry.
This is the kind of reporting that induces changes and puts the news back in newspapers. The Citizen Patriot, which may or may not have good relation with the local Allegiance Health hospital, shows guts in running a story that takes a hard look at the finances.
These tax form 990s can tell you a lot of things. Below is the 2006 form for Ingham Medical Center. See anyone you know in there?
Let’s toss in one more exec’s pay – Randall Oostra was paid $872,438 in 2007, according to tax records for the Emma L. Bixby Medical Center in Adrian. The form states he is paid in his relation and as president and COO of the parent company, Pro Medica Health Systems.
And yes, they, too, have decided to eliminate positions.

Allegiance Health image by Flickr user photobysg, CC 2.0

Ingham Medical Center Tax Form Ingham Medical Center Tax Form avalanche50 2006 990 tax form for Ingham Medical Center

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