Monday, June 15, 2009

Michigan Township's Solution to Bad Roads: Tax Selves, Then Repair

The condition of our roads in Michigan has been documented well, both here
and in other places. And the solutions proposed by out-of-touch bureaucrats who are eager to pass the buck do not help.
Finally, a group of residents in Scio Township has an answer – tax yourselves, as long as the majority is in favor. Note in the comments section that it is correctly pointed out that this is, indeed, double taxation. And there is little doubt that money that has been traditionally used for road repairs has been squandered.
Scio Township, located in the southeast region of the state, is a wealthy area and most of the people can afford to chip in a little to cover for the ineptitude in leadership. Many townships, villages and municipalities don’t have that luxury.
That leadership looks something like this.
We also see that township board supervisor E. Spaulding Clark ran with a campaign Web site that he called Leadership for Scio. But once he was re-elected, apparently he didn’t feel the need to tout such leadership; the site is dead. It’s just politics.
Scio Township, by the way, has an amazing Web site laudable for its transparency and ease of navigation.

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