Friday, February 27, 2009

Urban Woes Will Never Be Fixed - Count on It

I am saddened by a Time story from 1974 that addresses newly elected black mayors in Detroit and Atlanta. In that era, it was novel to have a black man (or woman) elected to such a lofty position, and well worth the ink. But what I find appalling is that the ills spoken of that had befallen each city could well be restated today. In short, nothing has changed, although we have made admirable gains in the race and gender of leadership.
But what has this gotten us? All the money spent on urban renewal, the election of people of color to lead, policies aimed at bettering these cities, all have failed miserably. Some folks have taken notice.
But for most people, there is money to be made in spouting meaningless platitudes about change and the need for more money for this and that. And of course, no one is doing a thing (or think, as I mistyped before spellchecking) to change things. And most likely, I now realize, they never will.

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