Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MEGA addition

The Michigan Economic Growth Authority is overseen by a board of eight. Half of them are major donors to Granholm’s two gubernatorial bids. Who do you think they will follow in terms of recommendations for tax breaks?
These board members include MEGA chair James C. Epolito, who is also president of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. He donated the maximum $3,400 in 2004 and his wife, Deborah, kicked in another $250 in 2006.
Kirk T. Steudle, head of MDOT, has donated $4,800 to Granholm’s war chest since 2004.
Cullen DuBose also stepped up to the political ass-grab plate with a $3,400 donation in 2005.
And Stanley “Skip” Pruss outdid them all with $8,500 in Granholm donations over the past six years.

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